Industrial Collaborations & Sponsors

A very important objective is to provide students with exposure to industry through solving analytical problems that are of industrial importance and in some cases, by spending time with our industrial collaborators and sponsors.

We are working with various industrial partners to develop separation and characterization methods for mixtures containing polymers and copolymers of different molecular weights, composition, architectures, and microstructures. Field-flow fractionation, liquid chromatography, light scattering, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry are some of the analytical techniques that we use to address gel-containing samples, starch, acrylates, fatty acid esters, etc. Our goals are both fundamental and applied in that we aim to gain a better understanding of polymer transport in temperature gradients, derive empirical equations and evaluate existing theories about thermophoresis, use our new found understanding to advance the capabilities of our separation methods, and determine the effect of architecture, degree of branching, composition, etc. on observed properties.

  1. ICI
  2. National Starch
  3. Uniqema
  4. Cytec
  5. Metafluidics
  6. TA Instruments
  7. Naturalnano
  8. Cabot Microelectronics

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